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Three Interview Questions To Ask When Recruiting General Managers


If you focus on collecting the relevant facts, the appropriate action becomes obvious.

Following are the top 3 criteria we cover right away when evaluating General Manager talent.

#1 Experience is not equal to Proven History of Success. Be aware of the experience trap. Professionals holding the position over several years is not a leading indicator of success. Financials don’t lie.

Interview question:

What was the P&L you inherited and what did you grow it to?

#2 It’s about the People. The level of leadership revolves around the quality of people they can attract, develop and promote. Young smart people want to be mentored – some leaders are good mentors, some are not.

Interview questions:

How many people have you recruited, developed and promoted?

How many were in their 20’s when you recruited them?

Hire Smarter™ – Tony

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