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As innovators in executive recruitment and consulting, our goal is to connect exceptional leaders with outstanding opportunities and solutions.

About Misura Group

Located in Hudson, WI, Misura Group distinguishes itself as a prominent recruiting and consulting firm that goes beyond the conventional roles of executive recruiters and consultants. Our expertise extends into shaping the trajectory of the building materials industry, surpassing traditional boundaries. Central to our mission is the establishment of meaningful relationships and the creation of opportunities that drive robust growth.


By incorporating a comprehensive consulting dimension into our approach, we exceed the limitations of standard recruitment and consulting practices. Our unique methodology involves providing strategic insights and guidance, ensuring that our clients make well-informed decisions aligned with their long-term goals. The fusion of our talent acquisition proficiency with consulting services contributes to the holistic success of organizations navigating the dynamic landscape of the building materials industry.


  • People First: We empower people.

  • Customer-Focused: We listen and respond to our customers. We redefine our impact on our customers daily.

  • Relationship-Driven: We build long-term relationships through communication, collaboration, and mutual trust.

  • Continuous Improvement: We have a blameless culture that promotes radical transparency and embraces metrics.

  • Determined to Win: We compete, own the outcome, and celebrate as a team.

MG Mission Vision Purpose
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