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The Power of What If


Our typical retained search process involves partnering with companies to find top talent for their open roles. To give our clients the power of selection, we often present five or more exceptional candidates for one open position. Our talent network is full of top industry leaders who were the other leading candidates on filled positions that we can introduce to new companies who may not be actively hiring, bringing impact and growth they didn’t even know was possible.    

Check out this recent success story from Michele Burger:

A top Truss General Manager was working with us to confidentially navigate their career path. Through our network, I introduced the GM to a growing independent component company with an owner-operator who realized that to keep growing, he needed the help of a strong leader. Through our conversations, he was able to see the possibilities.  

“WHAT IF I could focus on building the business if I had a GM running the business.”

We talked about what was going well - the company was profitable with an excellent financial leader in place, they had a strong design team, their equipment was above average. And what could use improvement – the floor could be more efficient with a culture of continuous improvement, production was missing delivery dates and sending partial orders, all staff was long-tenured and not necessarily in the right roles, the owner was the face of the company with no dedicated sales personnel, they couldn’t grow beyond what the owner could do himself. 

In the end, we helped the owner achieve goals he didn’t realize were possible. We helped a top truss leader find a new opportunity to make an impact. Both parties now have the ability to grow. 

Since the hire, the company increased monthly sales volume by 54% within the first 9 months. The GM helped the owner create a company mission and core values that are now posted throughout the plant. All employees are on board with the shift, people have been repositioned to the right jobs leading to increased output. The team is very proud they are now delivering on time and in full. The owner focuses on long-term strategy, and the GM focuses on the next 1-3 years. 

As a leader, you want to make smart hiring decisions that will benefit your business in the short and long term. Often, looking at the individual and their potential first (instead of waiting for a position to sit open) can help you fill gaps you weren’t aware were there. Check out our talent inventory for a list of real, qualified industry professionals who have a demonstrated history of success. 

Hire Smarter™ - Michele

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