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Collaboration Among Industry Leaders


The toughest aspect of owning and leading an independent business, is being alone. The isolation while making critical decisions, with only your experiences to reference, is limiting. The collective mastermind of our industry leaders – combined with their generosity – might be the greatest untapped resource at your feet.

Last week at the  PROSALES 100 CONFERENCE we had the privilege of hosting 80 pro-dealer leaders for wine and dinner.  80 independent operators in one room. The goal was simple, create a warm environment that enables leaders to establish new relationships across the industry. At the end of the day we all face similar challenges and problems – there is no reason to fight the battle alone. (And there is nothing wrong with having some fun along way!)

Listen to what leaders say about our executive dinners:

Don’t hesitate to reach out to register for our Preferred Attendee list. We will provide you with notices and reserve seating for our future Executive Dinners. 

With every breath keep growing!  – Tony

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