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Are Passive Candidates Untouchable?


It is convenient to blame the talent pool when leaders are struggling to generate quality candidates. As you run your normal traps, internet job posting, leveraging your network, offering finder fees to your people ask the key question; What steps are you taking to access the talent rich, Passive Candidate Pool?

Sourcing Passive Candidates can be difficult as the best professionals are not job searching. Rather they are focused on their day to day challenges at work, while supporting their families and personal well-being. Hiring companies face more complex hurdles when attempting to reach this talented group. Following is a list of natural obstacles companies face when trying to source Passive Candidates:

  • You are a competitor, creating an inherent atmosphere of distrust

  • Confidentiality breach, risking candidates’ current career position and income

  • Your network is designed to know your customers, not your peers. Certainly not your peers outside of your served market area

  • Your angle is to sell them on your position, making your actions predictable and biased

  • It’s a time and resource drain for leaders

Misura Group approaches professionals to help them reach their personal and professional goals. As a 3rd party, that guarantees confidentiality, with personal coaching expertise and a database focused on the Building Products industry nationally provides us with the resources to be effective with the toughest search projects.

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