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By Tony Misura

WHAT IS THE FUTURE YOUR PEOPLE ARE BANKING ON? What defines your Stanley Cup? A key step in recruiting and retention is creating the “Internal Company Vision”. Many companies have external customer-facing vision statements, this is different. The purpose is to provide clarity to the direction and goals of the company for your current and potential future employees as the audience. Since the target group you are speaking to is not the customer base, objectives and depth of detail are very different. Following are the 5 key steps in creating your Internal Company Vision: Keep it simple. A 12-year-old must understand what winning looks like, and how it would affect their lives. I love the image of the Stanley Cup. 31 teams in the NHL, over 700 players, yet every individual can describe in vivid detail how their life would change if they won the Stanley Cup. What defines your Stanley Cup? Leadership Enthusiasm. As you read the vision it must generate huge passion, enthusiasm, and energy from you. Great leaders understand the best methods to protect infectious energy. Team Inclusive. Teams and people are mixed between serving WIIFM (What’s in it for me) and the power to give to those in need. A great vision that combines the financial and human spirit perspective is critical. The power of written words. Most leaders are extroverts and they over-rely on verbal communication. From the people’s perspective if it’s not written down it does not exist. Language Creates. People who typically want to define excellence often only need to be pointed in the right direction. Let your internal vision message provide the common language to become the daily chaperone of your culture. Borrowing from great companies, Alexander Lumber (Aurora IL), uses “Own the Last Mile” for their drivers, at Brand-Vaughn (Tucker GA), “The Strength Lies Within” – both are powerful messages. Internal Company Vision Example Young’s Creek Lumber By January 1, 2020, the Young’s Creek Lumber sales goal is $100 million (25% increase). Combined gross margins will stay over 30%, and operating expenses will stay below 20%. Young’s Creek Lumber will have 3 locations in the Washington–Oregon Pacific Northwest Region, with each location generating over 7% pre-tax profit. By this date, Young’s Creek Lumber will operate on a cash basis with no long-term debt. We will be committed to financial transparency. Each employee will understand what part of the P&L they own, and how their impact will be measured quarterly on the P&L. The sales revenue will be 50% semi-custom new construction general contractor accounts, 30% will come from renovation and remodel general contractors and 20% will be super-regional production builder accounts. Products and services will consist of 20% installed services, 20% truss and components, 60% lumber and millwork distribution. We will build strong relationships with Home Builders Associations, with our general managers chairing 2 committees and our entire sales team actively engaged in events. Sales will come mostly through word-of-mouth because of our exceptional quality and service. Young’s Creek Lumber will avoid pressure-based sales, focusing more on actual testimonials from satisfied clients who have increased their profits and sold more homes by leveraging our company value proposition. Our marketing materials will be simple, professional, and feature the signature Young’s Creek Lumber navy blue and gold colors. Young’s Creek Lumber will compete for the Oregon Best Place to Work Award. Our goal is to embrace what our current employees and the top talent in the market desire from their workplace. Our commitment will allow us to attract employees with unique ownership and professionalism capable of serving the team first. While our employees will come from diverse backgrounds, ages, and education, they will grow as people because of their experience working with Young’s Creek Lumber. Our managers will truly be leaders, helping employees to grow, reaching their personal and professional goals, and holding them accountable for results through regular meetings. Our managers will be committed to rigorous reviews and provide 100 hours of outside professional leadership training. Employee engagement, growth and impact will be the key measurements guiding our employee-first mission. All employees will wear navy and gold long and short-sleeved polo shirts with blue jeans, khakis, or approved shorts uniforms. All uniforms will have our company mantra “the Strength lies Within” printed on the sleeves establishing the expectations we have for each other. All attire will be available for purchase on the Young’s Creek Lumber website. We will be organized and systematized, with all employees keeping appointments and schedules up to date and on the calendar. We will be committed to timeliness and following through. Our drivers will “own the last mile”, this will be their mantra commitment to success, as we track complete, accurate and on-time deliveries. We will have very specific, well-implemented systems that employees can use, creating efficient paths for onboarding and training. Our trucks will always be clean inside and out, with all equipment and materials in their place and ready for action. Our offices of operation will be clean and orderly, yet friendly and inviting. Customers and visitors will always be greeted warmly by knowledgeable and professional staff. Young’s Creek Lumber will be committed to supporting the Oregon Foster Care and Adoption organization, As a company we will volunteer in teams for fundraisers, bikeathons and 10k runs. The company will have performance goals triggering 1-3% of the company’s profits donated to the AdoptUSKids initiatives. Above all, Young’s Creek Lumber will exemplify our values of Honesty, Service, Thoroughness and Speed in every aspect of our company. We will take pride in our job and always put our people first. What is more powerful – the impact that changes your life or the ability to change other people’s lives? Clarity + Transparency + Higher Purpose = Empowerment Hire Smarter™ - Tony Misura
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