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VP of Distribution & Transportation

Job Type

Full Time


Discover an accomplished VP of Distribution with over 27 years of expertise in domestic and international operations, transportation, and supply chain management.

This seasoned professional holds an MBA, Six Sigma Black Belt training, Certification in Production/Inventory Management, and is a Certified Supply Chain Professional. Having successfully managed three regional distribution centers in the US, overseeing both inbound and outbound transportation domestically and globally, this VP led the startup of a rapid deployment center.

Key Achievements:

  • Led a project to reduce inbound COGS and transportation costs by transitioning to FOB terms, resulting in a projected annual reduction of $2.5M in inbound costs.

  • Developed 52 new standard operating procedures, leading to a remarkable 46.8% year-over-year increase in productivity, a 63% decrease in recordable safety incidents, and a 75% reduction in turnover.

  • Spearheaded the site selection and implementation of a fourth distribution center, reducing logistics costs by $1.3M annually, while improving on-time delivery and speed to market.

  • Played a pivotal role as the business leader in selecting and implementing a new WMS system for Distribution and its integration across all retail facilities, achieving a remarkable $1.7M ROI in the first year.

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