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Sales Manager/Director

Job Type

Full Time



This sales Leader is actively seeking an opportunity to make significant impact within a building materials distributor or manufacturer by developing and leading a high-performing sales team.

With a proven track record of success in leading new product initiatives through product development and a strategic product pull-through strategy, they have a knack for creating impactful AIA presentations that resulted in over $1M in profit within the first year.

This transformative professional has implemented structured training programs for their sales team, notably contributing to a remarkable revenue growth from $29m to $35m in just one year at a distributor.

Known for people-focused leadership, they value mentorship, as demonstrated by their leadership of a team of OSB traders responsible for a $300m portfolio.

In a role as a Regional Sales Manager for an exterior products manufacturer, they successfully trained and developed a team of 6 sales representatives, growing the region's revenue from $2.5m to an impressive $18m.

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