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Purchasing Director

Job Type

Full Time



Led teams overseeing commodity purchasing (dimensional and panel) with a remarkable track record of managing inventories ranging from $150 million to $900 million.

Implemented cutting-edge purchasing practices from vendors and mill direct.

Turned a challenge into an opportunity by streamlining 6 reload centers down to 4, cutting overlapping inventory by $2 million, and enhancing efficiency and resource utilization.

Mentored and developed 6 new buyers, nurturing a team that expanded to 8 over 5 years.

Instrumental in supporting company growth from $150 million to an impressive $400 million.

Identified and negotiated new rebate opportunities, while scrutinizing existing programs.

Achieved a substantial increase in rebates from $1.3 million to an impressive $3 million.

Explore the transformative impact this Purchasing Director has made!

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