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Director of Marketing Growth & Innovation

Job Type

Full Time


Director of Marketing Growth and Innovation, boasting over 25 years of leading business growth through new products, markets, and technologies.

  • This accomplished innovator is poised to propel your business to new heights.

  • Incubated 3 new business platforms, adding $800 million of potential economic value to a $4 billion company.

  • Established a new corporate department, "Growth and Innovation", to drive innovative and scalable business platforms in adjacent markets.

  • Generated $1.4 billion in sales growth by spearheading the development of 35 new products through incremental and disruptive technologies for a $1 billion company.

  • Led marketing efforts to outpace competitors in new products, go-to-market programs, and sales of high-margin value-added products.

  • Restructured product management into categories, formed cross-functional teams, and built a robust pipeline of innovation projects.

Ready to learn more about the impact-driven leadership of this professional? Contact Michele Burger at

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