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Misura Group

Building Meaningful Relationships & Creating Opportunities

Misura Group is a distinguished recruiting and consulting firm that transcends the conventional roles of executive recruiters and consultants. Our expertise extends beyond these traditional boundaries, as we are committed experts shaping the trajectory of the building materials industry. Central to our mission is the establishment of meaningful relationships and the creation of opportunities that fuel robust growth.

We Make The Difference


Discover consistent growth by embracing challenges and taking risks. Explore opportunities within our client companies that prioritize continuous improvement and celebrate success.


Leveraging a nationwide network, we possess a profound understanding of the building materials industry and its professionals. Explore our network to discover proven leaders in high demand.


By blending recruitment expertise with strategic consulting, we elevate organizations in the dynamic building materials industry.


Building Industry Partners
Great Range Capital Partners
Kodiak Building Partners
Black Eagle Partners

Executive Recruiting and Consulting for the Building Materials Industry

At Misura Group, we don't just find talent; we cultivate and inspire it, creating a transformative impact on businesses and individuals alike.

Our Vision is to empower leaders to build successful teams in the building materials industry through innovative hiring solutions.

Our Mission is to create opportunities for powerful growth by inspiring leaders to hire smarter.

Our Purpose is to create a world where everyone embraces who they are, realizes who they can be and is passionate about their work.

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