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Top 10 Interview Prep Best Practices For Candidates


The challenging times of COVID-19 are clear and present, and the levels of direct impact are varied. One silver lining of this time is the power that quiet time creates. It is common for us to be caught up in the fog of the day-to-day fray and lose perspective of our personal and professional goals and values. If you have been furloughed, you have the benefit of personal reflection and find yourself interviewing to seek greater alignment with your goals.

I hope this information empowers you to guide your future.

The following are the top 5 items we coach professionals through while seeking their next career. For a printout of our Top 10 Interview Prep Best Practices for candidates, CLICK HERE to download!

Be thankful: If you are interviewing, you have your health, experience, curiosity, values and purposeful drive. Continue to journal in your Thankful List; it is highly motivating and will keep you focused.

Take inventory: Counting the jars of peanut butter in the kitchen and knowing your burn rate will determine your time expectation. Selecting the right career move is done best with ample time, 3 months for most and up to 6 months for executives. If you have less time, recognize that gaining a job might be more important than selecting the right career move. Don’t stop your career search once you are employed.

You are more than your career: Insecure overachievers, which fits most high-performing professionals, struggle with the idea of being unemployed. The frequency of this insecurity is a common root cause of poor career decisions.

Hit the gym: Whatever your physical workout schedule was, double it until you are employed. Science has proven it will dramatically reduce your stress levels and help you make better decisions. Equally as important, your level of infectious energy will become an aura around you and will be noticed by hiring authorities.

Time management: Spend 2 hours a day on networking and interview preparation. Spend 6 hours a day on expanding your skills. Determine that One Thing that has been an obstacle in your proficiency and immerse yourself in the topic.

If you are a building materials professional considering your next career move and are concerned about confidentiality, please reach out to the team at Misura Group to help you find the right opportunity.

Be empowered – Tony

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