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The Best of the Best Professionals - Ready to Make an Impact on Your Business


Building materials industry leaders with a proven history of success are in high demand!  Discover the wealth of talent in our network:

Highlighted candidates:

LBM and Millwork Turnaround Expert

  • 5 turnarounds, 1 greenfield $4.5 to $12m first year

  • Inherited $21m grew to $30m in 3 years, successful lumberyard with a failing door shop

  • Door shop was worst in the market, implemented lean efficiencies, production quality and accountability resulting in 19% profit increase in first year

  • Trained and developed Assistant GMs to take locations over when he moved to the next store

Multi-Unit General Manager 

  • Increased revenue from $40m to $55m in 4 years for 6 locations including full-line lumber and building materials, truss manufacturing, and windows and doors

  • Improved operating income by 35% and EBIT by 33% for a regional millwork distributor

  • Increased revenue by 70% over 4 years for a building materials supplier with multiple product lines

  • Hit 10-12% net profit in 3 months of 2020

Other available top candidates:

  • LBM Executive Leadership

  • Manufacturing Executive & Sales Leadership

  • LBM, Truss, Millwork Operators

Don’t see a description of the talent you are looking for? Our network grows larger every day – let us put you in touch with highly-talented executives, operators, and sales leaders ready to make an impact.

Contact us a (612)326-3006 or

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