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Teams With The Best People Win Market Share


Professionals are rewarded over a given day or week or month for what they do.

Professionals are rewarded over the length of their careers by what they learn, which requires a much different behavior.

My personal goal: carve out at least one hour every day for thinking and learning.

No one knows what challenges are on the other side of COVID-19. What we do know, in every crisis, the teams with the best people grow and win market share. Sharpening your talent evaluation practices will be an even more critical skill in the weeks to come. Reviewing your tactics to retain your top performers will be front and center as the general market pie shrinks and competition increases.

Lazslo Bock, the VP of HR for Google, grew the business from 6,000 to 60,000 people. He shares his top 10 best practices in his book Work Rules!

Laszlo and Google’s commitment to “hiring people better than you” through their aggressive growth stage is compelling. The best hiring practices have strong data and science elements to the process to guard against biases, combined with a large, high-quality talent pool, this is a powerful combination.

Enjoy this video interview he did with Cade Massey, Practice Professor at Wharton People Analytics.

We have a long history of helping companies evaluate talent and helping professionals increase their level of self-awareness and action growth. Don’t hesitate to reach out for guidance. Companies and professionals – stay open to identifying and actioning new opportunities. Whether or not you will be ready is up to you. Keep growing.

Hire Smarter™ – Tony

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