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Sharon Hoyd Joins The Misura Group Team


Release Date:

January 8, 2024


Misura Group Welcomes Sharon Hoyd: A Strategic Addition to the Misura Group Business Consulting Team

Hudson, WI, January 8, 2024 - Misura Group proudly announces the latest addition to its expanding team, Sharon Hoyd, who joins as a Consultant.

Sharon Hoyd brings a wealth of experience as a senior finance executive to her consulting practice. A former owner and CFO of an integrated component manufacturer/lumberyard/framing company, Sharon played a pivotal role in leading the successful implementation of a new ERP at what was then the largest pure-play truss manufacturer in the United States. In each of her leadership roles, Sharon spearheaded the implementation of financial and management systems, enhancing the efficiency of accounting and finance functions while providing valuable management information to the leadership team.

As a business consultant, Sharon's unique blend of finance organization leadership experience and a comprehensive background in innovative technology solutions is complemented by her innate ability to troubleshoot and solve problems where others may struggle. With a significant portion of her experience rooted in the residential construction supply industry, Sharon ensures tailored information technology solutions that specifically address the unique needs of companies in this sector. Her approach involves understanding how companies operate, discerning the needs of employees and customers, and collaboratively improving technology and processes to elevate financial and operating results.

Sharon holds degrees in Finance and Psychology from the College of Idaho and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Tony Misura, the visionary founder of Misura Group, shares his excitement about the latest addition to the team, stating, "Welcoming Sharon Hoyd to Misura Group brings a unique blend of finance expertise, implementation of financial systems, and insightful organizational leadership. Undoubtedly, her experience will elevate our capacity to deliver exceptional consulting services to our clients."

Sharon's dedication to fostering organizational growth seamlessly aligns with Misura Group's mission to empower businesses for success. Her remarkable ability not only to pinpoint effective strategies but also to implement them in a manner that resonates with closely held companies positions her as a valuable asset to the Misura Group team.


For media inquiries, please contact:

Misura Group

Megan Cosgrove, Marketing Director



About Misura Group:

Based in Hudson, WI, Misura Group stands as a distinguished recruiting and consulting firm that transcends the conventional roles of executive recruiters and consultants. Our expertise extends beyond these traditional boundaries, as we are committed experts shaping the trajectory of the building materials industry. Central to our mission is the establishment of meaningful relationships and the creation of opportunities that fuel robust growth.

Incorporating a comprehensive consulting dimension into our approach, we surpass the confines of standard recruitment and consulting practices. Our unique methodology involves offering strategic insights and guidance, ensuring our clients make well-informed decisions aligned with their long-term goals. The fusion of our talent acquisition proficiency with consulting services contributes to the holistic success of organizations navigating the dynamic landscape of the building materials industry.

At Misura Group, our commitment goes beyond the mere identification of talent and the provision of solutions; we are dedicated to cultivating and inspiring it. Our transformative impact resonates throughout businesses and individuals, ushering in positive change and fostering long-term success.


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