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Kendall Hoyd Joins The Misura Group Team

Release Date:

January 8, 2024



Misura Group Expands Expertise with the Addition of Kendall Hoyd to Business Consulting Team

Hudson, WI, January 8, 2024 — Today, Misura Group proudly announces the strategic inclusion of Kendall Hoyd as a consultant, further fortifying its position as a leader in business consulting.

Kendall Hoyd, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in LBM (Lumber and Building Materials) and component manufacturing companies, brings a specialized skill set to Misura Group. His expertise focuses on implementing organizational and process improvements that elevate financial functions and enhance overall company performance.

Before joining Misura Group, Kendall served as the owner and CEO of an integrated component manufacturer, lumberyard, and framing company for over a decade. His multifaceted background includes roles as CFO at various companies within the residential construction supply industry. Kendall's profound understanding of closely held companies in this sector sets him apart, allowing him to apply financial and operational principles creatively.

With a notable history of contributions to the industry, Kendall served on the Structural Building Component Association Board of Directors and Executive Committee for several years. In 2005, he assumed the role of President of the association, showcasing his leadership and commitment.

Kendall birngs a wealth of academic prowess to complement his practical experience. He has received a degree in Finance from Boise State University and achieved a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, has taught inance at the university level multiple times and has been a licensed CPA.

Tony Misura, founder of Misura Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the newest addition to the team, stating, "We are delighted to welcome Kendall Hoyd to Misura Group. His strategic insights and hands-on experience will undoubtedly enhance our ability to deliver exceptional consulting services to our clients."

Kendall's passion for fostering organizational growth aligns seamlessly with Misura Group's mission to empower businesses for success. His ability to not only identify effective strategies but also implement them in a way that resonates with closely held companies makes him a valuable asset to the Misura Group team.



For media inquiries, please contact:

Misura Group

Megan Cosgrove, Marketing Director



About Misura Group:

Based in Hudson, WI, Misura Group stands as a distinguished recruiting and consulting firm that transcends the conventional roles of executive recruiters and consultants. Our expertise extends beyond these traditional boundaries, as we are committed experts shaping the trajectory of the building materials industry. Central to our mission is the establishment of meaningful relationships and the creation of opportunities that fuel robust growth.

Incorporating a comprehensive consulting dimension into our approach, we surpass the confines of standard recruitment and consulting practices. Our unique methodology involves offering strategic insights and guidance, ensuring our clients make well-informed decisions aligned with their long-term goals. The fusion of our talent acquisition proficiency with consulting services contributes to the holistic success of organizations navigating the dynamic landscape of the building materials industry.

At Misura Group, our commitment goes beyond the mere identification of talent and the provision of solutions; we are dedicated to cultivating and inspiring it. Our transformative impact resonates throughout businesses and individuals, ushering in positive change and fostering long-term success.

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