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How A Recruiting Firm Partners With Your Internal Hiring Team For Long-Term Success


Every company is unique – your culture, talent value proposition, and hiring process all contribute to the organization’s ability to attract and retain talent. As recruiters, we partner with companies to complement your internal processes, becoming a long-term ally to help organizations achieve continued success.

Here are my top 3 essential recruiting tactics to help companies attract and retain top talent:

  • Focus your recruiting efforts on passive candidates to reach the top 10% of building materials industry talent

  • Practice effective vetting, not interviewing

  • Set your new hires up for success by implementing an onboarding process

Passive Candidates

Certainly, one of the most important steps in the hiring process is building your talent pool. Hiring leaders typically do not have a strong network of relationships outside of their current company and customer base. Customers often make up 80% of a professional leader’s network and are not the smartest path to building your talent pool. The candidates you will attract to your open jobs will be candidates actively searching for new opportunities. If you are lucky, one of those candidates will be in the top 10% of industry talent. Our vetting practices are much more rigorous for people that are looking, as it’s generally a much shallower talent pool. More likely, the top candidates are employed and unaware of the potential opportunities to grow in their career – these are the passive candidates. As recruiters, we have confidential conversations with these candidates daily. We give these professionals the opportunity to think, “what if?” and open doors they may not have known were there.

It would be great if you had the time to build out the org charts for all of your competitors. The fact is, we do, and by combining that reach with your unique talent value proposition, we can create a synergy that results in immediate and long-term impact.

Effective Vetting Tactics

We do not like to interview – instead, we vet. (Technically, we double-vet, as all of our candidates talk to two of us before being presented to a client.) Interviews tend to be an exchange of formal questions and answers. On the flip side, vetting is having a fluid conversation, collecting information, assessing the candidate’s fit for the opportunity while getting to know their personal and professional goals as well. By vetting for performance and history of success, we discover how a candidate can drive impact for an organization, whether they end up being a fit for this specific role or not.

I’m happy to share some of our most effective vetting questions here:


After partnering with you to build a talent pool, vet for performance, and negotiate an offer, we continue to act as a resource through onboarding to ensure a smooth transition and avoid any unanticipated obstacles. This helps accelerate communication, awareness, and trust for both leaders and the new hire.

Onboarding certainly includes your essential internal process of completing paperwork, setting up a workstation, and getting to know the team. We dig a bit deeper and have a series of conversations, unlocking the power of candid communication to increase trust and transparency between everyone involved.

For more on how we can complement your internal onboarding process, check out this blog.

Hiring leaders, ask yourself these questions. Is your candidate pipeline missing the best talent? Do you recognize the difference between an average and top-level performer, and how that compares to your existing talent pool? Are you asking the right questions to determine whether a candidate is a fit for your team and culture, in addition to the role? Have you created an environment where communication flows freely and your new hires have the resources, guidance, mentorship, and access to information to be successful? Let’s connect – whether I can answer some of those questions for you now, or we can work together six months from now, at the end of the day we had a great conversation and opened the door for future collaboration.

Hire Smarter™ – Michele 

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