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De-Risking Your Hiring Process


Check out this video to learn how to de-risk your hiring process.

It is common for leaders to believe that being secretive or noncommittal with the company people is a smart practice.

Company growth plans, individual growth opportunities and company financials are all common areas in which leaders choose to be tight-lipped.

The reasons range from the belief of protecting a competitive edge, fear of embracing the facts, to fear of the facts being companywide knowledge. Words like strategy and savvy are used to rationalize these efforts.

What they don’t understand is that it’s a lack of information that drives people away from companies. People are looking for clarity and are wise to smell the freshly-spread manure as a leader dances through questions without being direct. The first thought in a candidate’s mind is, “the company that does not share financial performance must have something to hide, either they are on the fringe of bankruptcy or the owner is getting so rich he should be embarrassed.” Or “the leader who cannot give me a clear answer on achievements needed to be promoted must mean there is no promotion opportunity.” None are typically accurate scenarios but the absence of facts, like a vacuum, pulls in the worst-case scenarios and, in a candidate’s or employee’s mind, they become beliefs. Now the relationship has a foundation of half-truths or lies.

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With every breath keep growing! – Tony

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