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Considering a Career Transition? Transition Your Resume First.

Updated: Jan 18


Changes in the Lumber and Building Materials industry are accelerating. There is a high probability you may be changing companies, changing positions, or even changing the trajectory of your career future. Build your foundation with your resume, as it is one of the most important marketing tools you have. Take these steps to construct a resume that gets you noticed.

  • Write a strong summary statement. Forget overused wording, such as “team player.” What makes you unique and stand out from the crowd? What are your strongest traits? If this statement is weak and humdrum, your resume will be tossed aside.

  • Your resume is not an obituary of your career, so avoid simply listing work dates and responsibilities. Select three or four major accomplishments from each position you have held. Bullet them, pointing out numbers, statistics, and outcomes. You will have time in the interview to expand on your accomplishments.

  • Today, many resumes are read by computerized Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) before a human ever sees them. When companies enter job descriptions into an ATS, they include certain words, skill sets, and core competencies that the software will search for. If it does not find these keywords in your resume, it will automatically reject it. You will not get a second look for an interview. To move efficiently through the ATS system, look at the job description of the position that you are applying for and make certain you mirror at least some of that verbiage. 

  • Don’t be afraid to rework your resume if you have your sights set on a position that is a promotion, or you are considering a career change entirely. We all have transferable, interchangeable skills that, when highlighted, bring attention to additional competencies that you may have, even if it has been in a voluntary role. Adding this information to your resume will help the company understand that even though you may not have utilized this skill daily in your current position, you have the ability to perform it.

Personal branding aside, building your resume forces you to step back and think about where you are in your career arc—particularly those accomplishments and career highlights that may go forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life. It can also help you identify a new career direction, and any core competency gaps you may need to address.

Misura Group offers resources to assist if you need to rework or construct your resume. We will help you create a dynamic marketing tool that will serve you well, whether you are currently evaluating a career change or want to be prepared to hit a home run when you’re up to bat.

 Play to win,


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