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Cheers To Reaching Your Personal And Professional Goals


Congratulations to our recent placement, Lindsey Fox, now Marketing Manager at Nationwide Industries. It was a pleasure working with Lindsey, we are excited to see the impact she will have as she creates thoughtful, customer-focused marketing programs for our client.

Here is what she had to say about her experience working with Misura Group:

“Working with Misura Group was my first experience with a recruiter and it felt like the stars aligned from day one. Everyone always had time to speak and answer my questions, and I felt like I had a close professional mentor through the entire process. The thing that surprised me the most was the level of detail involved in each step; from the initial conversation to checking my references and finally working with me on an offer.

I appreciated Misura Group’s level of knowledge about the industry, the employer and the type of individual needed to fill the role. Tony showed great sense of character and integrity by taking the time up front to understand my goals, personal and professional, before we dove into details of the position to make sure the opportunity was the right fit.

There are many reasons this opportunity interested me. I was able to bring expertise from my marketing background while expanding upon additional skill sets to make me a more well rounded professional. I’m also able to put my thumbprint on a growing company and work with more brilliant minds within the building products industry. Lastly, the culture of teamwork, motivation, fast-paced environment and entrepreneurial spirit helped make a difficult decision easier.

I recommend working with the right recruiter, in my case Misura Group, if you are interested in considering a new position. Don’t shy away from recruiters reaching out to you, the job of your dreams might be waiting for you in the wings.”

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