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One of the most fundamental tools we have when navigating a career transition is to have a solid executive resume. It should clearly articulate your unique value proposition, highlight your achievements, and ensure that you stand out among the competition. Many will wait until they are in the midst of a career transition to create their resume. However, having your resume ready, available for a rework, and updated as you progress in your career is a best practice.

 Writing a resume that articulates your value is no easy task. Humility is a trait of strong leaders, and speaking about your successes can be uncomfortable. Why? It is far easier for a humble leader to engage with others about their accomplishments rather than to think of their own, much less put them together in an attractive and sequential format. That is why working with a career engineer from the industry can make a difference. They ask the right questions that help give perspective and clearly articulate your value proposition while understanding what will translate well in our specific industry.   

 A resume is one of the most effective personal marketing tools you have. Many may think of their resume as an “obituary” of their experience, accomplishments, and education, but that is not the case. Personal branding aside, building your resume can provide a therapeutic and strategic approach as you think about your career trajectory. It forces you to step back and think about where you are in your career arc. It can also help you identify a new career direction, and any core competency gaps you may need to address. It also serves as a tool to keep track of your accomplishments and career highlights that are often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life.

 Misura Group offers resources to assist if you need to rework or construct your resume. We will help you create a dynamic marketing tool that will serve you well in your career, whether you are currently evaluating a career change or want to be prepared to hit a home run when you’re up to bat.

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