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Should Aptitude Analysis Assessments be Utilized for Leadership Development Programs?

By Dena Cordova-Jack

Should Aptitude Analysis Assessments be Utilized for Leadership Development Programs?
SHOULD APTITUDE ANALYSIS ASSESSMENTS BE UTILIZED FOR LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS? Assessments are valuable for developing leaders, creating a succession plan, or determining suitability for a position. Assessments should not be used as the only basis for these decisions but can help provide insight into aptitude, personality, and communication styles and how one may view and relate to their internal and external world. The confusion in deploying the proper assessments may need to be clarified. I am frequently asked, “Which assessment is the best?” The answer to that question is best determined by what you want to measure. Many are familiar with better-known assessments, such as the Meyers-Briggs, Enneagram, Talent Insights, and DISC. Each of these tests has expertise in certain areas, but we wanted to find an assessment that looked at the individual holistically and had high proficiency in predicting success in the workplace. We have found that the Hogan profile was well-suited to determine the desired outcome. It looks at the bright side, dark side, and inside personality and helps us to answer the big three questions that must be considered when evaluating talent: 1. Can they perform the job? 2. Will they like and fit well into the culture and overall organization? 3. What might get in the way or derail performance? Looking at all 3 “sides” of the personality helps us accurately predict workplace success. The human psyche is complex, and our personalities are multi-faceted. Put that together with internal and external personal pressures and environments, and there may be instances where you end up questioning an individual’s performance standards. HPI: The bright side personality analysis portion of the Hogan. This will predict the core job abilities, look at how a person will behave under normal circumstances, and run the gamut from social habits to thinking style. HDS: Utilizing the dark-side personality assessment will illuminate behaviors that may emerge when someone is not at their best, whether due to internal or external stressors. Sometimes, dark side traits can be strengths that get “overused”, i.e. the high output may turn into high half-done production, prone to errors. The dark side personality traits can spiral, quickly derail a career, and harm the organization. MVPI: Hogan utilizes this to determine a candidate’s motives, values, and preferences. It measures core personal values and illustrates a match to company culture. Cultural fit is critical to allow for the bright side of the personality to bloom, whereas a cultural misfit can result in a lack of motivation and exhibited dark side behaviors. High-performing leaders and teams equal high-performing results. We utilize the facets of the Hogan assessments to help organizations function at a high productivity rate. Having insight into the team you have developed can help ensure you have the “right people in the right seat on the bus” and, more importantly, if you have the right person driving that bus. Making decisions utilizing data-driven statistics can open a more straightforward path for impactful leadership and organizational development. We are Hogan Certified administrators and evaluators at Misura Group and will happily show you how these assessments can benefit your leadership team. Reach out to the Misura Group Team to start building up your leaders today. – Dena
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