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By Tony Misura

HOW TO EVALUATE SALES TALENT Companies typically spend more on hiring in sales than they do anywhere else in the firm – but the right sales hire can bring in a huge return on investment. In the HBR article “THE BEST WAYS TO HIRE SALESPEOPLE” Frank V. Cespedes and Daniel Weinfurter reinforce some key tactics in hiring Sales professionals: •Hire for the task. •Focus on behaviors. •Be clear about relevant “experience.” We would rank their 8-point score card in the following order: Ability to learn: If you are teaching a sales class, what 3 books will you reach for to prepare? Outdated books often equal outdated thinkers: those who struggle trying to solve new world problems with old world thinking. And those who can’t list any books, well… move on! Prioritization of tasks: How do you manage your time? Triaging time is key. Don’t use the word “prioritization” and see how long it takes for them to bring it up. Develops sales leads: What is your business development practice? The best have a practiced system, they are continually evolving. Qualifies prospects: Who is a perfect client for your top competitor? Knowing your company’s value proposition and how it aligns with your customers’ needs is a solid first step. Knowing the competition is better. Commits time and effort: How do you move through the emotional lows of the selling cycle? Resiliency is an art and science. The best know both. Multi-tasking: How do you manage the risks of a multi-tasking profession? Sales is a common landing zone for those with ADHD. Awareness is the key. Strategic vision: What do your customers need that they are unaware of? Uncommon and hard to find in an OSR. It can be a struggle finding this in a VP of Sales, much less Sales Managers. Controlled work approach: Are they consistent? What are examples of inconsistencies in your work habits? If they have nothing, they are insecure and lying. To be human is to struggle at times with inconsistency. Be tough, strategic, and consistent with your interview process! Are you taking control of your sales? LEARN MORE.
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