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Crafting a Job Description to Bring the Wild and Wonderful Next Gen to Your Organization

By Dena Cordova-Jack

Crafting a Job Description to Bring the Wild and Wonderful Next Gen to Your Organization
CRAFTING A JOB DESCRIPTION TO BRING THE WILD AND WONDERFUL NEXT GEN TO YOUR ORGANIZATION Ah, the elusive job description—the ultimate recruitment weapon. It has the power to attract the right candidates, make HR departments weep tears of joy, and strike fear into the hearts of job seekers everywhere. But let's be honest, folks, most job descriptions are as exciting as watching paint dry. So, why not inject a little humor into the mix? Humor transcends generational barriers – and the next generations appreciate a culture of high energy where everyone doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Let's embark on a journey into the art of crafting a job description that not only gets results but also leaves everyone with a big grin on their faces! 1. The Attention-Grabbing Intro: Start off with a bang! Forget about the usual "Our prestigious company is seeking a highly motivated individual." Yawn. Instead, go for something like, "Attention all unicorns of the job market! We're on the hunt for a legendary human capable of tackling tasks with the grace of a ballerina and the ferocity of a lion." Who can resist such a captivating introduction? Secondly, our next generation is looking for a company who will invest in them by providing a career path and the training to help them achieve their goals. They are multi-taskers. Maybe something along the lines of “College tuition drained your bank account? Are the ‘rents not willing to shell out for another year of Go Find Yourself University? Want to learn all about the 3rd biggest GDP our country has, and be a part of building something bigger? If you want to do all this, learn how to grow your career to the next level in a land of untamed possibilities, then hurry up and apply!” 2. The Buzzword Extravaganza: Buzzwords, the language of Corporate America. But why stop at just one or two? Go wild and choose a handful of words that are unique to your company and make you stand out. "We're looking for a self-motivated, synergistic, out-of-the-box thinker who can leverage their core competencies while maintaining a growth mindset in a fast-paced, dynamic environment." See, now we're talking! Bonus points if you can create a buzzword bingo card to accompany the job posting. 3. The Mandatory Quirks: Want to make your company stand out from the rest? Throw in some quirky requirements that have absolutely nothing to do with the job itself. "Must be able to do the chicken dance while simultaneously juggling three flaming torches." Why, you ask? Well, who doesn't want an office full of employees with hidden talents ready to entertain at any given moment? Think of the team-building possibilities! 4. The Perks of the Job: Sure, everyone knows that free coffee and a ping-pong table are essential office perks. But why not take it up a notch? "Not only do we provide unlimited snacks and a pet-friendly work environment, but we also offer weekly bull riding lessons and a personal pogo stick." 5. The Unconventional Requirements: Why stick to the traditional laundry list of qualifications when you can mix it up a bit? "Minimum 10 years of experience in unicorn wrangling or dragon taming." This opens the playing field, attracts diverse candidates, and who knows, you might just find the perfect candidate who has a side gig as a professional dragon slayer. In our industry, drivers and yard associates are two of the most difficult positions to recruit for. With the shifting dynamics in the labor force, the labor market will remain tight. Let me show you an example of what I mean by a “different” job description. This one is over-the-top, and written tongue in cheek, but you’ll get the gist of it. Crafting a job description that gets results doesn't have to be a dull and monotonous task. By infusing it with a healthy dose of humor and creativity, you can attract the attention of top-notch candidates and make the entire recruitment process a lot more enjoyable for everyone involved. So, go forth, my fellow Lumberites, and create job descriptions that make candidates laugh, showcase your company’s amazing culture, and make candidates eagerly press the “Apply Now" button. After all, who said finding the perfect candidate couldn't be fun? Play to Win, Dena
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