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4 Books for Sales Managers Battling on the Front Lines

By Tony Misura

4 Books for Sales Managers Battling on the Front Lines
4 BOOKS FOR SALES MANAGERS BATTLING ON THE FRONT LINES Great Books inspire us to think differently, improving our problem-solving skills. Great Books also provide the motivation and energy to take on our daily challenges. As market demand has shifted, Sales Managers are facing the pressure to improve gross margins and sales volume in a declining market. For many in the LBM industry, 2023 is a street fight, and Sales Managers are the field generals. WHO by Geoff Smart and Randy Street This book provides a template for leaders to create a flow of A-level sales candidates to hire. The Score Card theory is a best practice at Misura Group. It's a must-read for any leader wanting to increase their recruiting skills. A Sales Manager's #1 job is recruiting and developing salespeople. Team of Teams by General Stanley McChrystal General Stanley outlines how the traditional conventional military had to evolve, facing a different enemy, the national terrorist group Al Qaeda. As General of the Joint Special Operations task force, he eliminated the layers of bureaucracy and traditional silos that existed for generations. He developed small, empowered teams to make decisions quickly, matching the speed and efficiency of the enemy. Understanding Porter by Joan Magretta Joan was Michael Porter's partner in implementing Porter's 5 Forces methods with many commodity low-value proposition companies. Strong gross margins are the result of great strategic planners. Understanding, refining, and improving your competitive advantage is a must in 2023. Rebel Yell by S.C. Gwynne Gwynne provides a thorough and compelling study of the life of Stonewall Jackson. The Union consistently had twice as many soldiers, better food rations, supply lines, and superior cannons and rifles. Union rifles were accurate past 300 yards by comparison, Stonewall's troops, with their outdated smooth-bore rifles were accurate to only 100 yards. Sales Managers will find inspiration, re-framing their problems through the eyes of a great American leader. Hire Smarter™ - Tony Misura
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