Month: April 2021

April 5, 2021

Success Story: Truss & Components

The Challenge

Gap in the Business

A family-owned and operated lumber and building materials dealer built a truss manufacturing facility under the direction of one of the owners who operated the plant and led a 30-person team. The owner passed away suddenly, leaving the family with the plant knowing nothing about trusses.

For 3 years, the plant operated without a leader and dwindled to $1.2m in sales and losing money. Turnover increased and the sales team had no confidence in the quality or timeliness of production. The family needed to hire a truss operations expert to turn the plant around and gain the confidence of the design and production team, sales team, and customers.

The family board did not understand truss operations, manufacturing, design, or sales and had trouble knowing where to focus the attention and develop a profile for the right leader.

Our Solution

Deep Understanding of the Unique Business Situation

Misura Group was introduced to the client at an executive dinner during the annual ProSales conference and received a referral from a board member of the Structural Building Components Association (SBCA). A visit to the client’s truss plant allowed Misura Group to gain a deep understanding of the turnaround need and unique situation of the business. After identifying the business’s strengths and areas for growth, Misura Group helped develop the scope and requirements of the role to ensure the truss plant would contribute strategically to the broader business model.

Continuous Improvement

The right leader would be a truss operations expert with extensive experience implementing continuous improvement processes and building strong production teams. The leader would need to gain the trust and confidence of the truss plant team and the family ownership. Misura Group developed a talent pool of 4 qualified truss plant general managers for the client to make an informed decision.

Access the full case study here to see the full story and results


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