Month: March 2021

March 18, 2021

Hire Smarter Episode 17: Dena Cordova-Jack, Kodiak Building Partners


Welcome to our latest episode of Hire Smarter. Our mission is to help building materials industry leaders adopt best practices for hiring talent while helping professionals make better career decisions.

Who is Kodiak Building Partners entrusting to lead their most challenging strategic people goals? If you are looking for one of the greatest industry leaders to chase and challenge your achievement standards, you will love this episode.

Dena Cordova-Jack, my longtime friend and mentor, is the Senior Director of Leadership & Talent Development at Kodiak Building Partners. Kodiak has over 5000 people and nearly $2B in sales annually. Given Kodiak’s growth goals as a company, developing leaders and inspiring people to grow is central to their mission.

“There was only one candidate we ever considered for the role of leading our People Development initiative at Kodiak, Dena Cordova-Jack.  And in a short time, she has already impacted our organization, spearheading what I believe is the #1 priority for Kodiak’s future.  Dena’s passion for and knowledge of our industry, along with her genuine care and concern for people and ensuring that we can all be everything we were created to be, are going to pay huge dividends for our organization in the years to come.” Steve Swinney, CEO, Kodiak Building Partners

With 5000 people, Dena and Kodiak are taking on many challenges facing multi-generational teams:

  • What are the best practices defining, benchmarking, and feeding leadership development?
  • What are the ways to approach succession planning?
  • What is the distinction between a leader in a developmental stage and a leader who is miscast?

As mentioned, Dena and I have been trusted friends for a long time and share some environmental experiences that led directly to professional behaviors. Preparing for this episode, I wanted to provide insight into a pattern core foundation of human performance. Dena and I are both adopted, and we explore how that has impacted our lives. We discuss:

  • What is the greatest gift of being adopted?
  • Which is the better question: Who am I? or Who will I become?
  • What are the self-development practices of high achievers?

Prefer reading over listening? You can access the full episode transcript here.

Hire Smarter – Tony


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