Month: October 2020

October 2, 2020

Hire Smarter Episode 12: Jim Robisch, Senior Partner at the Farnsworth Group

In this episode, our guest is Jim Robisch, Senior Partner at the Farnsworth Group. Jim has been a strategic consultant to the building materials industry for over 30 years, developing strategy plans for companies accelerating their growth, through data and research, not anecdotal information.

We dive into a topic that comes up for Misura Group often – strategy. You can’t operate your way out of a poor strategic position. You can’t develop a large enough sales pipeline or turn inventory over fast enough to make up for a poor strategic position. A truly great strategy is a dynamic force that pulls cultural engagement and P&L performance to the highest goals.

How do you develop an excellent strategy? There is nothing “magical” about this process. Once you collect your data and make fact-based conclusions, the direction should be obvious.

Listen on as Jim shares his wisdom regarding how to create a clear and actionable strategy.


Hire Smarter – Tony Misura


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