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August 28, 2020

Hire Smarter Episode 10: Jim Robisch, Senior Partner at the Farnsworth Group

Welcome to our latest episode of Hire Smarter. Our mission is to help building materials industry leaders adopt best practices for hiring talent while helping professionals make better career decisions.

We all woke Thursday to the news that Builders FirstSource and BMC were merging, creating an $11B company. Our guest today is Jim Robisch, the legacy strategist at the Farnsworth Group. Focusing on building materials supply chain for over 30 years, Jim and the Farnsworth Group have delivered excellent strategic planning to the industry. Jim and I discuss the advantages and opportunities this merger creates for the manufacturing suppliers, general contracting customers, and the LBM dealer competitors.  Jim gets right to the point delivering actionable steps leaders at every level of the supply chain can take to leverage the new market.

Manufacturers now have one account, an $11B account, to serve to simplify their mission.

Tract builders splitting their business between BFS and BMC for competitive pricing can no longer be a strategy.

LBM Independent Dealers – what is your counter move?

Jim points out this might be the greatest step the industry has taken to align the supply chain to focus on the largest single-family new construction builders, the top national tract builders. This alignment and focus will generate significant efficiencies for all parties. Jim’s insight might surprise you as he defines the market opportunities that this bold, smart move creates for the independent dealers.

We also give some guidance to professionals who are measuring the immediate changes in their career path. The best career moves come from thoughtful planning, respecting the highest level of confidentiality while creating more options. Focus on your personal and professional goals and what is best for your families, making certain you are taking steps to drive the changes that most benefit your career. Life does not happen to you; if you take purposeful action, life happens for you.


Hire Smarter – Tony Misura


August 10, 2020

5 key areas of onboarding that will drive long-term success

Onboarding is a key step for any organization introducing a new leader to their team. Understandably, most organizations have their own processes in place tailored to fit their unique company structure and culture. From completing paperwork and setting up a workspace, to meeting and building relationships with the team, these steps are necessary to integrate a leader into a new mindset and organizational flow.

If you don’t have an internal process in place, Harvard Business Review provides a great place to start:

As recruiters, we partner with companies to find and hire talent, becoming a long-term ally to help organizations achieve continued success. After the hire, we continue to act as a resource and include onboarding as part of our process to ensure a smooth transition and avoid any unanticipated obstacles. This helps to accelerate the level of communication, awareness, and trust for both leaders and the new hire.

How does our onboarding complement an existing internal process?

While an internal onboarding process is critical for new hires, the addition of our outside perspective and pre-existing relationship with our candidates can help create a higher level of success. We have a series of conversations over the course of 6-12 months, focusing on 5 key areas:

  1. Clarity of the role and responsibilities

Understanding what defines success (and how it is measured) is essential. Making sure the individual has the authority to drive results over what they are accountable for will determine their level of empowerment. Knowing how to deliver the value that will produce the impact that leadership considers the highest priority will gain momentum and respect quickly.

  1. Power of candid communication

Candid communication about sensitive topics that directly impact the health of the business is essential. Building relationships with this level of trust and transparency can take varying lengths of time, depending on personality types. A common challenge is aligning the rate of the relationship building with the urgency of the issues. Great organizations are committed to the language and messaging used daily to communicate their values.

  1. Organizational commitment

Is the company leadership following through in their commitment to support the role and its initiatives? This includes providing resources, time guidance, mentorship, added staff, equipment, and access to needed information.

  1. Relationship building

First, the candidate must be aware of the key stakeholders who are critical to their success. Prioritizing the time and space for those relationships to develop on a foundation of trust can take extra effort.

  1. Cultural nuance

In many organizations, some of the most important cultural discretions don’t appear in any handbook, despite being essential for employees to understand. Knowing the expectations around speed and timing to deliver an impact, and how that affects the company’s cultural foundations, can define winning and losing.

We have countless examples of ways onboarding has contributed to the long-term success of our clients and candidates. At Misura Group, our goal is to accelerate the level of trust new hires have with their leaders. Candor is how true friends talk; the challenge is the length of time it takes for friendship-level relationships to develop in the workplace. Leaders who view onboarding as a great opportunity have the greatest success. Give us a call at (612)326-3006 to see how we can support your company growth through innovative hiring solutions. 
Hire Smarter – Tony


August 4, 2020

The best of the best professionals – ready to make an impact on your business

Building materials industry leaders with a proven history of success are in high demand!  Discover the wealth of talent in our network:

Highlighted candidates:

LBM and Millwork Turnaround Expert

  • 5 turnarounds, 1 greenfield $4.5 to $12m first year
  • Inherited $21m grew to $30m in 3 years, successful lumberyard with a failing door shop
  • Door shop was worst in the market, implemented lean efficiencies, production quality and accountability resulting in 19% profit increase in first year
  • Trained and developed Assistant GMs to take locations over when he moved to the next store

Multi-Unit General Manager 

  • Increased revenue from $40m to $55m in 4 years for 6 locations including full-line lumber and building materials, truss manufacturing, and windows and doors
  • Improved operating income by 35% and EBIT by 33% for a regional millwork distributor
  • Increased revenue by 70% over 4 years for a building materials supplier with multiple product lines
  • Hit 10-12% net profit in 3 months of 2020

Other available top candidates:

  • LBM Executive Leadership
  • Manufacturing Executive & Sales Leadership
  • LBM, Truss, Millwork Operators

Don’t see a description of the talent you are looking for? Our network grows larger every day – let us put you in touch with highly-talented executives, operators, and sales leaders ready to make an impact.

Contact us a (612)326-3006 or


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