Month: February 2020

February 14, 2020

Hire Smarter Episode 07: Allan Breidenbach, President of Wick Buildings


We are excited to share our 7th episode of Hire Smarter! Our goal is to educate leaders with best practices in hiring and to help professionals make better career decisions.

How many professionals understand how taking risks is directly tied to personal growth, career progression and compensation?

How many hiring authorities project a candidate’s level of intellect, resiliency, learning speed, trust-building skills, passion and drive by the amount of risk they have taken in their career?

Many professionals and hiring authorities struggle to make the connection.

It’s common for professionals who worked for the same company for 10 -15 years that have reached GM or VP levels to call Misura Group and claim, “I am ready to become the industry’s next President.” It’s not impossible… but it is highly unlikely. The last 10-15 years of your career at the same company have given you the benefit of slowing learning the nuances of the business model, plus 10 years of networking with customers and building the trust of people who all come together to support your goals. Learning fast under pressure and rebuilding a network of trusted people internally and externally are skills that rust quickly.

No one hires a President and says we have a perfect company, don’t change a thing. Presidents are expected to deliver impact quickly; they don’t have 10 years. They must operate at a speed that is 2-3-4-5x faster than you have just spent the past 10 years over your career. Professionals who want to be a president take career risks, working at multiple companies to absorb their best practices. They are constantly driving impact at every position, constantly challenging themselves in new environments and cultures, and improving both the depth and breadth of their skills and expertise. At the first sign of slowing growth, they move on to the next challenge.

Along with being one of my best friends, Allan Breidenbach is the President of Wick Buildings, pre-engineered steel buildings we know as agricultural barns, commercial use and grand toy sheds and garages. Leading about 200 people, designing, distributing and also installing about one-third of their projects allows Allan to leverage his broad industry expertise. Allan’s journey is a great example of taking risks, embracing challenges and continuously growing along the way.


Hire Smarter! -Tony


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