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January 31, 2020

Hire Smarter Episode 06: Lindsey Fox, Product & Marketing Manager at Nationwide Industries

Welcome to our 6th episode of Hire Smarter! Our goal is to educate leaders with best practices in hiring and to help professionals make the best career decisions based on their personal and professional goals.

Have you made hiring mistakes allowing emotions to cloud the assessment and selection stage of your process?  Letting the emotional human elements blur your objective reasoning is a common mistake we all have made as hiring leaders.  What has been your toughest test to remain objective and cognitive in predicting who will be successful?

Michele Burger from the Misura Group team joins me in this episode as we discuss with Lindsey Fox what it takes to be a successful female professional in the industry.

We placed Lindsey with Nationwide Industries as Product & Marketing Manager. Nationwide is a $70m innovative fence and railing hardware manufacturer that has the #1 market share in the space. Here is where it gets interesting – Lindsey was 5 months pregnant with her first child when we started the recruiting and vetting process, and 7 months pregnant when she was hired. She is an excellent professional who shares her best practices for navigating career advancements, motherhood and taking on Impostor Syndrome, that feeling of self-doubt and inadequacy that comes with being human.

This generation of the workforce is asking one question of any leader who is interviewing them: How does your company action its values?

In this case, Chris Kliefoth, CEO of Nationwide Industries, sent a clear message when he hired Lindsey – we respect and support family values, and we value people based on their merit.


Hire Smarter! – Tony


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