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December 6, 2019

Hire Smarter Podcast episode 02



The Misura Group Team is excited to share the latest episode of our Hire Smarter podcast. Our goal is simple: share our network of successful professionals in the industry. We do this by educating building industry leaders on how to improve their best practices for hiring talent while also helping professionals make better career decisions.

In our 2nd episode, I sat down with Bradley Hartmann, the founder of Red Angle, a Spanish Language Skills and Sales Training consulting firm for the building industry. He is also the author of Behind Your Back, an excellent sales and negotiation training book that is the platform for his Behind Your Back Podcast.

There are people you admire for their intellect, achievement, empathy and innovative traits – from my view, Bradley hits on all those marks. In our conversation, we cover how he was born into the industry, honing his skills at Pulte, and his entrepreneurial endeavors as a language, cultural and sales consultant.

Have you implemented a diversity and inclusion strategy for your hiring challenges? We begin our conversation by sharing our passion for Latino/Hispanic cultures. Diving into the roots of our Hispanic interest lends more insight and understanding as to why we instantly found respect for each other. If you listen closely, you can pull another Hire Smarter best practice of focusing on minority cultures in your area that are often overlooked and rich with talent.

What is the best way to inspire self-improvement? This question might be the most common challenge for every leader. Listen closely as Bradley generously shares his highly unique methods. The magic of his sales training approach is rooted in his clear understanding of the human psychology of behaviorism. To be is human is to want to grow, understanding that individuals demand the freedom to choose where, when, how and at what pace that growth occurs.  Listen to how he has adapted his sales training by leveraging the human spirit on its often irrational and erratic level, elevating the engagement, retention and implementation rate of learning.

Leaders – are your profits suffering from a sales team that is lacking negotiating skills? Sales professionals – is your income limited by your negotiating tactics? How sophisticated are your customers’ negotiating skills? Bradley and I touch on these questions also. We hope you find some answers in this episode, or better yet – ensure you are asking the right questions of how to accelerate your strategic growth plan for 2020.

The best way for us to improve is by hearing your thoughts and comments on our podcast. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Hire Smarter! – Tony


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