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November 22, 2019

Our Podcast is Officially Launched! Welcome to Hire Smarter with Tony Misura


The Misura Group Team is excited to launch our first Hire Smarter podcast. Our goal is simple: share our network of successful professionals in the industry and educating building industry leaders how to improve their best practices for hiring talent, while also helping professionals make better career building decisions.

In our first episode, I met up with Russ Kathrein at the LBM Strategies Conference in Austin, TX. LBM Strategies is a terrific conference for lumber and building material dealers selling to general contractors, a well-attended conference by some of the most recognized companies in the lumber and building materials industry. Russ Kathrein is the CEO of Alexander Lumber ($100m in sales, 10 locations, and 2 truss plants) and was presenting on Best Practices Developing the Next Generation of Leaders.

What key steps do you take to build your career to become a President or CEO? Russ’ journey offers young upcoming professionals some great insight. He consistently evaluated the company and leader he was working for and made career decisions, stretching and growing. The pattern of taking measured career risk is a Hire Smarter key trait when identifying talent.

Is your company struggling to recruit talent? Listen closely as we talk about mentorship and development as a key Hire Smarter best practice. We address the most significant obstacles leaders face while mentoring 20-somethings and the best steps to develop great mentoring leaders.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments on our podcast.

Hire Smarter! – Tony

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November 22, 2019

Hire Smarter Episode 01: Russ Kathrein, CEO of Alexander Lumber

In our inaugural episode, Russ Kathrein, CEO of Alexander Lumber, and Tony met up at the LBM Strategies Conference and had a great time sharing stories and addressing the most significant obstacles that leaders face when mentoring twenty-somethings and the best steps to develop great mentoring leaders.

Thanks for listening!


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November 4, 2019

How 3 industry leaders maintain their company culture

A great “thank you” to Matt Ogden, Steve Swinney, and Dave Flitman. Also to NLBMDA and HBSDealer for putting on a great conference.

The goal of our panel was to give insights from 3 of the top industry leaders. Each of the leader’s business models are unique. Our hope was that other industry leaders could capture tools they could then take back and implement in their own business. Matt Ogden, Founder and Managing Principal of Building Industry Partners, who was part of the startup US LBM and went on to build Homewood Lumber and US Fence. Steve Swinney, CEO and Founder of Kodiak Building Partners and Dave Flitman, CEO of BMC.

For my opening remarks I asked everyone to eliminate the word “retention”. Often it’s used when looking at the past result of performance. The trouble with perpetual problems is they attract the same language that does nothing to solve the problem. Instead, replace “retention” and start asking questions.

Are we hiring smart?

Are we developing and promoting people?

Are we growing healthy attractive cultures?

By focusing on the action steps and making it part of our daily language everyone will take great strides in solving their people problems.

Dave Flitman on how to maintain the culture in a company with 9,000 people

Dave shares how BMC follows 5 key tenets that set the tone for the entire company culture across 19 states and over 40 different metro markets.

Steve Swinney on collaborative culture

Steve explains how Kodiak Buliding Partners maintains their culture by being locally driven, entrepreneurial, and honoring the legacy of all of the companies that join the Kodiak family.

“The number 1 driver of success for Building Industry Partners (BIP) is the people – an A+ leader attracts and retains A+ talent.”

– Matt Ogden, Building Industry Partners

“Hiring, developing, and promoting people – that is the action element that is going to solve the problem.”

– Tony Misura, Misura Group

The personality and character of the CEO defines the culture of the company. Each of these leaders brings a unique value and business model to attract talent. How does your personality and character impact your company culture? Looking in the mirror might be the best place for leaders to start who want to improve their people problems.

Hire Smarter – Tony

Featured Candidate

·         Market Sales Manager with full P&L responsibility for a $20m specialty building materials distributor and manufacturer with install

·         Inherited a team with 20% declining sales, implemented a culture of accountability and metrics measurement leading to growth of 15% in the first year

·         Inherited a location with failing machinery leading to production delays, worked with other plants and local competitors to expedite production and prioritized customer experience by meeting with all clients to ensure retention

·         Utilized 4DX methodology to drive daily, weekly, and monthly sales objectives leading to 30% 2-year growth

To learn more about this professional, contact Michele Burger


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