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Episode 11, Gary Poulos & Russ Kathrein, building materials industry executive leaders



In this follow-up episode on the colossal merger between Builders FirstSource and BMC, Tony meets up with his close friends and LBM dealer presidents, Gary Poulos and Russ Kathrein.


Having first-hand experience with BFS and BMC, Gary and Russ deliver insights about what makes these companies unique, the opportunities ahead for the now $11B business, and how this event will permanently change how the manufacturers and lumber mills interact with the national production builders.


Episode 10, Jim Robisch, Senior Partner at the Farnsworth Group



In this episode, Jim and Tony discuss the merger of Builders FirstSource and BMC – two of the largest building materials dealers in the nation.

Joining forces to create a company that is over $11B in annual sales, this also creates new challenges and opportunities for manufacturing suppliers, general contractors, and other dealer competitors.

Jim and Tony also give some guidance to professionals who are measuring the potential changes in their career path.


Episode 09, Chris Kliefoth, Advisor and former CEO of Nationwide Industries



In this episode, Tony speaks with Chris Kliefoth, current Advisor and former CEO of Nationwide Industries. They discuss how to lead during times of uncertainty, as we are currently facing the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and the importance of considering what is factual and what is probable.


This is a longer episode with some important information we don’t want you to miss – so we’ve outlined some key moments below.


0:45 – Introduction

2:05 – Chris shares how he got into the industry

10:25 – One of Chris’ greatest successes & failures

19:50 – Lessons learned from Chris’ greatest mentor, Peter Dachowski

46:35 – The importance of a blameless culture

49:55 – Leading through a crisis & how to handle the current situation

54:35 How the coronavirus is different from other economic crashes

56:06 Chris shares the most critical step to crush your competition

1:12:40 – Closing thoughts & take-aways


Episode 08: Todd Drummond, Consultant to the Truss and Component Industry



In this episode, Todd shares with Tony some of the most common misconceptions and pitfalls of running a truss plant that many building materials dealers face.



Episode 07: Allan Breidenbach, President of Wick Buildings



In this episode, Tony meets up with one of his best friends and President of Wick Buildings, Allan Breidenbach. Allan is a great example of how taking career risks and embracing challenges leads to success. Allan shares the importance of making good hiring decisions and how to use Lean Six Sigma principles to simplify processes and make sure everyone is ready and willing to move in the same direction.


Episode 06: Lindsey Fox, Product & Marketing Manager at Nationwide Industries



In this episode, Tony is joined by Michele Burger, Vice President at Misura Group. Tony and Michele chat with Lindsey Fox, Product & Marketing Manager at Nationwide Industries, about what it takes to be a successful female in the building materials industry.


Episode 05: Hans Vonderhofen, President of Split Rail Fence & Supply (part 2)



This episode is part two of Tony’s conversation with Hans Vonderhofen, President of Split Rail Fence & Supply. Hans and Tony continue the discussion about what goes into a successful turnaround and the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people.


Episode 04: Hans Vonderhofen, President of Split Rail Fence & Supply



In this episode, Tony joins up with Hans Vonderhofen, President of Split Rail Fence & Supply, for part one of a two-part series. Hans shares how he happened upon the building materials industry and divulges his secrets for what makes a great turnaround leader.


Episode 03: Walter Foxworth, Chairman of Foxworth-Galbraith Lumber



In this episode, Tony had the opportunity to meet with Walter Foxworth, Chairman of Foxworth-Galbraith Lumber, at the inaugural Texas Unity Dinner where he was honored by the Lumbermen’s Association of Texas (LAT). Walter shares his passion and purpose that drives his energy to stay engaged in the business and building materials industry.


Episode 02: Bradley Hartmann, President of Red Angle, Inc.



In this episode, Bradley and Tony discuss their mutual “why” of helping companies achieve their big goals, the importance of an inclusive culture and embracing diversity, and the value consultants bring to the building materials industry.


Episode 01: Russ Kathrein, CEO of Alexander Lumber



In our inaugural episode, Russ Kathrein, CEO of Alexander Lumber, and Tony met up at the LBM Strategies Conference and had a great time sharing stories and addressing the most significant obstacles that leaders face when mentoring twenty-somethings and the best steps to develop great mentoring leaders.


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