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January 22, 2021

Hire Smarter Episode 15: Cybelle Lyon, Ph.D., Leadership Consultant

Welcome to our latest episode of Hire Smarter. Our mission is to help building materials industry leaders adopt best practices for hiring talent while helping professionals make better career decisions.

If you are creating your personal leadership development goals for 2021 or are looking to improve how you evaluate leaders and professionals, you will enjoy our guest today. Cybelle Lyon has a Ph.D. from Portland State University in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and has been doing leadership consulting for over 20 years. She has been in big firms like Arthur Andersen and Right Management and small boutique firms before going out on her own in 2014. Her stint in-house was when she took a Managing Director role at Grey Mountain Partners private equity firm. In this role, she was primarily responsible for selecting CEOs for the companies the firm bought. While she still has clients in lumber and building products, she is focused on coaching senior executives.

In this episode, Cybelle delivers some crisp, precise answers around complex topics:

What are the two most critical traits of transformational leaders?

What are the top five most common areas of development for leaders?

Are you struggling with effectively implementing humility?

We not only deliver the answers to these questions but also outline how you can accelerate your development path.

Hiring leaders – on this same list is the foundation for evaluating talent. Increase your awareness and improve your ability to articulate the traits related to the professional’s stage of development.

Hire Smarter – Tony

Prefer reading over listening? You can access the full episode transcript here.

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